Moura Contábil & Associados

MOURA CONTÁBIL & ASSOCIADOS has been offering services on Accounting, Tax and Pay Roll for more than 20 years.

Acting with a Philosophy of partnership MOURA CONTÁBIL & ASSOCIADOS became an extension of internal administration of the company, processing the accounting inside the clients’ facilities. This innovated and pioneer procedure, make possible to save expenses, less time processing documents and offering quality and productivity.

Besides director-partner with a Law and Accounting degree, MOURA CONTÁBIL & ASSOCIADOS works with a team of accouters highly qualified, offering services at client’s expectations.


  • Bookkeeping and monthly verification of the fiscal registers and respective taxes
  • Confection of fiscal documents to collect taxes
  • Elaboration of the accessory obligations (DCTF, GIA, DIRF, DES, Sintegra and Magnetic Archive)
  • Survey and recovery of tax’s credits
  • Tributary planning
  • Process the fiscal registers of previous years

  • Monthly elaboration of payroll, wage advancing, rescissions and vacation
  • Confection of fiscal documents to collect the incident taxes on the pay roll
  • Processing and emission the admission’s documents
  • Elaboration of the accessory obligations (RAIS, DIRF, CAGED, Informs Incomes)
  • Revision of the working procedures previously adopted by the client
  • Organization and accompaniment of working archives

  • Classification and register of countable documents
  • Control of the permanent assets and calculation of depreciations and amortizations
  • Emission of balance sheets, “Livro Razão”, “Diário” and magnetic archive
  • Elaboration of the book of verification of the real profit (LALUR)
  • Confection of fiscal documents to collect the incident taxes
  • Attendance the auditing companies and fiscalizations
  • Implantation and training of users of cash flow
  • Elaboration and revision of income tax report
  • Definition of the best method to calculate the Income Tax
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